The DIY Soft Plastic Making Kit is a fantastic idea, especially if you ever thought you could make a better rubber lure than any available in the market. It's a great idea for anglers looking to get their kids to try the sport, as you start with the crafting of the lure, before they would want to try it out in real life.

The mould included makes a 2.5 inch minnow, which has a decent swim action. To make the lure, it's really simple, mix plastisol (the main ingredient) with some colour, melt it, pour the melted mix into the moulds and its ready to go! The only thing you need extra is a gas stove.

The other cool thing is that for almost every other rubber lure out there (except Z-Mans), you are able to throw them in, melt them and mould them, extending the life of your half eaten rubbers!

Included in the kit:

  • 100g of plastisol
  • steel bowl for heating up
  • 10 x mixing sticks
  • silicone mould (with 3 minnows)
  • baking glove
  • glitter container
  • 10 x pigment satchels (to create the right colour)
  • zip-lock bag to store your creations
  • 10 x jighead (5g)
  • small tackle-box for pre-rigged soft plastics
  • instructions plus QR code to watch video on how to make lures

This is a product of Fulltiltangler, a Singapore-based business

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