Daiwa Reel Greaser really is a must have in your kit, if you care about maintaining the working quality of your reels. No doubt you have invested a lot of money in your reels and you want to ensure their longevity. It often pays to be reminded that a fishing reel is a mechanical device, often with many moving parts. These days, reels are incredibly high tech and these needs looking after. Add a dose of the Australian environment, to hard fighting Aussie fish and a poorly maintained reel and you get disaster, likely, when you're in the middle of fighting a potential personal best. With some very simple maintenance, such a disaster could be averted. Grease you reels with Daiwa Reel Greaser and the moving components of your reel will continue to operate in total synchronicity.

If you have ever fished Victorian high Country in the winter, you will know that it is something akin to dancing in a deep freeze. Yes, it is very cold. Daiwa Reel Greaser is made for this situation as it will keep all your moving parts totally lubricated as it will not freeze up. The last thing you want to feel when you are fighting a fish, shivering in the cold is to have your reel feel like a butter churn. Smoothness is lost and you are indeed doing damage to your reel. Grease it with Daiwa Reel Greaser and avoid the problem all together.

The same is true of the heat. A day out hunting Bass on the Goulburn River in NSW on a hot summers day can see you fishing in 30 plus degrees. This can turn your lubricant to the consistency of water, it will pour off your components, seep through the seams of the bottom of your reel and make a heck of a mess. Worst of all however, your moving parts are now free of lubricant and every wind is doing your reel damage. Cogs are grinding, not meshing, and now metal shavings are building up between components. Daiwa Reel Greaser will stay on your critical gears and bearings when the mercury starts to soar. You reel will operate perfectly.


- Won't thicken when cold or run when hot
- Inhibits rust and salt water corrosion
- Keeps gear running smoothly and quietly
- Impervious to water
- Comes in a handy applicator bottle with pin nozzle
- Keeps your reel operating to spec.
- Ideal for lubrication in all climates
- Ensures your reel enjoys a long working life
- A very cheap way to maintain your expensive reels

Model Number: 64110200


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