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Daiwa BG MQ 3000D-XH-ARK to 6000D-H-ARK Spinning Reels


Daiwa BG MQ 3000D-XH-ARK to 6000D-H-ARK Spinning Reels


The Daiwa BG MQ 5000-H-ARK and 6000D-H-ARK Spinning Reels are the latest in Daiwa's BG line up for 2021, features the monocoque body, meaning more strength, less weight, better water resistance.

These models follow quickly for from the US BG MQ models, but feature an aluminium round knob, making them more suited for jigging. Extremely functional and visually appealing, packed in with all of Daiwa's premium technologies like Air Rotor System and the Advanced Tournament Drag (ATD), it is bound to be your go to reel for your next salt water fishing trip.

Specifications (3000-XH-ARK / 4000-XH-ARK / 5000-H-ARK / 6000-H-ARK):


Spinning Reels

Max Drag

10kg (3000), rest 12kg

Braid Line Capacity

(PE/m): #1.5/300 / #2/300 #2.5/300 / #3/ 300

Gear Ratio

6.2:1 / 6.2:1 / 5.7:1 / 5.7:1


Salt Water



Ball Bearing



285g / 305g / 440g / 430g

Model Number: BGMQ3000D-H-ARK / BGMQ4000D-H-ARK / BGMQ5000D-H-ARK / BGMQ6000D-H-ARK

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