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Cascade Creek YakGrips prevent rubs, calluses and blisters and reduce the stress on hands and tendons. They are especially helpful for people with carpel tunnel, arthritis and other disabilities. Yakgrips also help keep the paddlers hands in the correct position while paddling. (See back of tag for placement instructions). They also help to keep hands dry and not slide on a wet paddle shaft. Yakgrips insulate hands from a cold or hot paddle shaft.

Once the Yakgrips are installed they can be left on the paddle. Material is UV treated.

Yakgrips must be installed with lots of water. Wet the Yakgrip and the paddle shaft. We recommend the paddle be cleaned if it’s been used before with mild dish detergent (Dawn) to remove any oils and sunscreen.  If the paddle shaft is dirty the Yakgrips may slide.

This pair comes in blue wave colour as shown in picture.

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