Berkley Fishing LogoThe Berkley Kantuki Chinu Baiting Hooks are a high quality high carbon steel hook, coming in at an exception value for baiting hooks of this quality. The hook point is triple sharpened to give it ease of penetration and it is coated black to prevent rusting and long term serviceability.

The hooks are slightly offset to the right, to allow a better holding power when in the midst of fighting fish.

Steel: HC80 High Carbon Steel

*The bigger the hook size number, the larger the hook

Quantity in each packet:

  • Size 5- 13 pieces
  • Size 6- 13 pieces
  • Size 7- 12 pieces
  • Size 8- 11 pieces
  • Size 9- 9 pieces
  • Size 10- 8 pieces
  • Size 11- 6 pieces
  • Size 12- 5 pieces

Model Number: 1474989 to 1474996

Made in Japan
Made in Japan

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