Veteran backcountry guides and guidebook authors share clever, practical tricks-of-the-trade that only long experience on the trail can provide in Backpacking Tips. Inside you'll find checklists, handy diagrams, and tips on everything from buying the right gear to tasty trailside cooking.

  • Look inside to discover how to:
  • Keep you pack ultralight without sacrificing the essentials
  • Convert a mosquito net and sticks into a handy shield for camping under the stars
  • Build a fire in wet weather
  • Prevent and treat injuries in the wilderness
  • Cross a river step by step

Whether you're a beginning backpacker or seasoned wilderness explorer, Backpacking Tips contains all the information you need to make your next trip a safer, more relaxing, more enjoyable experience.

Book Features:

Full Name Backpacking Tips Trail-tested Wisdom from FalconGuide Authors Second Edition
Author Russ Schneider and Bill Schneider
Language English
Main Topic(s) How to Backpack
Book Size Small
Pages 100
Cover Soft Cover / Paperback
Who Should Read This People interested in backpacking or hiking
13 Number ISBN 9780762737475 Quick Review: This book is as it says, it is full of tips (meaning information in point form) about backpacking. It's a light read and would perhaps be most useful to those new to backpacking. It is written by 2 guides, so you can find out information ranging to planning your backpacking trip to having a checklist of items to bring on your trip. Comes with a few sketches here and there, mostly filled with tips.

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