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Atwood Parapocalypse Cord is designed with every scenario in mind. Not only do you get all the benefits of paracord, you also get high-end practical survival tools. With a waxed-jute strand, you can easily start fires with little effort. Use the 10lb fishing line to catch your dinner. Use the 900F heat-resistant cord for campfire rotisserie cooking, friction saws, or suspending a hot broken muffler. Lastly, you have the almighty Dyna X cord with super strength, ultra low-stretch and perfect for emergency sutures, dental floss or animal snares.


Diameter: 4 mm
Break Strength: 283.5kg (625 pounds)
Weight per 100ft: 290g
Core: 11 strands - 7 x strands of nylon, 1 x 10lb mono fishing line, 1 x waxed jute, 1 x nano aramid and 1 x Dyna X strand
Colour: Black or Olive Drab

Made in USA
Made in USA

*Actual colour of paracord may differ from picture due to differences in monitor and/or graphics cards settings

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