The Air Sofa is one of th e most comfortable innovations in the camping industry. While the hammock used to be the most comfortable resting point, it maybe overtaken by the inflatable air sofa.

The air sofa comes in a small size bag, measuring 35cm x 15cm when folded. It weighs juts 300 grams. When you reach your lounging destination, simply unfurl it. Then you swing it around, trying to catch as much air as you can (it really does help if you have a strong wind blowing).

Once you have enough air inside, you fold it up like a dry bag. You will stop once all the air is compressed and clip the two ends together with the clip provided. You now have a sofa with 2 cushions (you fit in the middle) and its around 1.8m in length (when filled with air). If you are good at it, you should have taken less than a minute to setup this piece of furniture.

Grab your book to read or if you are tired, grab some rest. Camping has never been this comfortable. A note is that the air sofa works great at home or anywhere else you want to bring it!

Comes in colours as listed available.

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