Abu Garcia LogoAbu Garcia Skid Jigs are a great jig for those playing Slow Fall style of jigging. As part of Abu's Salty Stage series of gear, these jigs are made to catch fish like no other jig can. The movement is based on a new concept, to mimic the darting actions of squid, a favorite food of many a fish.

Mr. Akiyama, a famous Japanese angler designed these jigs, designed them an innovative movement to linearly move vertically and sliding laterally. The essence is to image the squid's live bait and move linearly along with vertical rotation and lateral slide both at the time of rolling up and falling.

To play these jigs properly, you have to let them fall, instead of jerking or adding any additional action to the jigs. Other squid like features include eyes on the sides like squids and better quality paint of premium colours to make them more attractive to fish.

Nalno Stocks these jigs in 3 sizes: 80g, 100g and 120g, suitable for lighter sea currents and mid-sized fish. As we have priced this the same as no brand jigs, there is no better reason to buy your skid jigs from us.

Model: SSSJ80, SSSJ100, SSSJ120

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