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550 Paracord 100ft Patterns


550 Paracord 100ft Patterns


If you are looking for a more affordable alternative to USA made 550 paracord, this 550 paracord from China is your answer. At less than half the price, it offers buyers who are more budget conscious a chance to buy paracord for DIY work, tying work, bracelet making, survival and much more to use this quality line of product.

Comes with 7-strand core and a 4mm diameter. Each bundle comes in 100ft or 30.5m of cord. Appx Weight for each bundle is 168 grams.

The outer shell is made from 100% polyester, offering lightweight and soft bodies for easy knot work.

This page is for purchasing the paracord with patterns and multi-coloured models. For solids or camo are listed in another page.

Colours Code:

P044 - Zebra
P086 - Black With White Tracers
P082 - Stripes on Black
P084 - Tactical Yet Safe

P110 - Midnight
P111 - Red Eye
P115 - Volcanic Ash
P171 - Black Honeycomb on Yellow
P166 - Black Lines on Grey
P140 - Graphite
P143 - Silver Chain
P142 - Earth Bound
P159 - Grey Lines on Silver
P167 - Black Lines on Dark Grey
P163 - Black Lines on Brown
P063 - Urban Camo
P120 - Mercury
P151 - Copper Wire
P015 - Black Lines on Red
P160 - Black Lines on Magenta
P119 - Royal Red
P174 - Black Honeycomb on Red
P102 - Brugundy n White
P031 - Spiderwire
P088 - Jet Red
P152 - Checkers
P036 - Red Lava
P139 - Cardinal
P114 - Confederate
P047 - Portugal Flag
P056 - Molten
P104 - Alert
P101 - Red Brick
P078 - Fireman
P077 - Pink Party
P089 - Subdue Pink
P116 - Cherry
P079 - Tactical Baby Pink
P034 - Pinky
P080 - Pink n Black
P092 - Candy Pink
P058 - Cross Pink
P100 - Pink Love
P006 - Black Stripes on Dark Red
P150 - Red Cross Striped
P141 - Red Socks
P170 - Black Honeycomb on Magenta
P165 - Black Lines on Magenta
P109 - Magenta Wrap
P118 - Grapes
P108 - Cool Purple
P095 - Purple n White
P147 - Purple Checked
P161 - Black Lines on Dark Purple
P032 - Purple Plasma
P156 - Purple with White
P157 - Purple with Tan
P035 - Ion Blue
P164 - Black Lines on Royal Blue
P144 - Stitched Indigo
P075 - Water
P154 - Oranges in Water
P049 - Mint
P099 - Teal Seal
P087 - Melon
P093 - Cantaloupe
P098 - Geckota
P039 - Neon Lights
P091 - Honeydew
P117 - Fallout
P055 - Bio-Hazard
P148 - Grass Snake
P066 - Evergreen
P237 - Dirty Green
P168 - Black Lines on Moss Green
P172 - Black Honeycomb on Moss Green
P173 - Black Honeycomb on Dark Green
P085 - Yellow Joy
P097 - Yellow Fun
P094 - Yellow Tracers
P057 - Fire
P037 - Bumble Bee
P046 - Bengal
P038 - Safety Orange
P083 - Orangina
P145 - Blue Orange
P146 - Teal Orange
P149 - Fruit Punch
P107 - Parrot
P162 - Purple Stripes on Moss Green
P081 - Pastel Stripes
P027 - Light Stripes
P153 - Iced Fruits
P054 - Subtle Mix
P112 - Savannah
P103 - Blood n Water
P090 - Red, blue and White
P113 - Racing Stripes

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