The Paracord Jig makes making Paracord Bracelets simple and quick. The jig comes with one side glued down and the other end is movable and tightened when at the correct length with a simple wing nut.

The jig is made from wood, and includes:

  1. The Jig Itself
  2. 2 Wooden Poles (for shackles or carabiners)
  3. 4 Plastic Buckles (to make bracelets with 2 sizes of buckles (3 and 4cm)
  4. A small screw driver to self-assemble

How to use the jig:

1. Measure the length you want to make your bracelet.

2. Adjust movable part of jig to desired length. This Paracord Jig has measurements in inches and can make a bracelet of up to 10 inches long.

3. Secure the buckle or shackle on one end and tie the full length before weaving.

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