Emergency situations can happen at a moment's notice, and without warning, that's what makes them an emergency. Grim's First Aid Dog Tag was designed to include several first aid items able to be accessed in seconds.

  • Dog Tag Sized - under 1mm thick and sized to fit into a dog tag silencer, small tin, orpocket.
  • Tool retention system - one side features semi-permanent adhesion allowing tools to beremoved, and used again and again, then put back. Non-Magnetic and non-sticky.
  • Stainless Steel - highly corrosion resistant surgical grade stainless steel. Tough andfunctional with a slight spring to it.
  • Stackable - Stack multiple Grim Dog Tag Tools together to form a wearable ultralightEDC kit.
Dimensions: 1.88" x 1"
Includes: File; Saw; Tweezers; Tick remover; (2) Suture needles. Ball chain lanyard. Tool retention system allows tools to be removed and put back. Non-magnetic and not sticky.
Made in USA
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