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Havoc baits combine professional angler experiences with Berkley's legendary innovation. The result is the best shapes, actions and colours ever created. Make Havoc your go-to bait when bragging rights are on the line.

The Berkley Havoc Series Beat Shad is designed to look like both a grub and a small fish at the same time. The tail is designed to move from side to side, to create a realistic motion of a bait that fish would live to grab.


  • Amazing hybrid of a grub and finesse swimbait
  • The tail beats from side to side on any retrieval speed triggering a feeding response from fish
  • Very versatile bait that can be put on almost any rig
  • Measures 10cm from head to tail
  • Each pack contains 8 pieces

Colour Options (Depends on availability):

  • Chartreuse Pepper Red
  • Green Pumpkin Blue
  • Pearl White Silver Black
  • Pumpkinseed Red
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