For almost all orders placed with within Singapore, you can get opt for free delivery. For orders above $35, the delivery will be done by (Singpost Normal Mail Policies apply, contact Singpost directly for full details):

  1. A Courier Company
  2. Singpost Registered Parcel
  3. Our own delivery person

How exactly it will be sent will be chosen by us based on item, delivery location and our own business requirements.

For orders below $35, free delivery will be done by Singpost Ordinary Mail (Non Standard). If you top up a small amount, you can get your ordered delivery by the above, which for 1st 2 options include tracking and insurance and all require a signature by anyone at the given address receiving the item.

Facts about Singpost Ordinary Mail:

  1. Basically it is the same as sending a letter, your parcel will be dropped into a letterbox at a post office with a stamp, and will be treated as a normal letter.
  2. Delivery is in 3-5 working days.
  3. Item is not trackable (so do not email asking where is your parcel, as we wont know, directly contact Singpost as they may be able to help you)
  4. It is not insured, so you will bear the full responsibility should the parcel get damaged in transit
  5. As there is no tracking, should the parcel get lost in mail, you also must bear the full risk of lost mail
  6. Should your parcel be unable to fit into your letterbox, Singpost is supposed to leave a note for you to collect it at the post office (it has happened before with my receiver that the postman forgot to leave the note and the buyer found out when checking with post office that the item was there)
  7. If you have written your address wrongly, chances are your parcel will be disposed of. If you do not trust us to write your address correctly, DO NOT use this service

So when you choose Singpost Ordinary Mail, do note you have made the choice to go for a budget service, same way as if you were to fly on a budget airlines you do not expect to be served a meal or if choose to take a bus where you often have to walk some distance instead of a taxi point-to-point. On our end also we need to make sure the box fits into the letterbox so there most likely minimum packing and also we need to make sure the parcel is as light as possible to accommodate the free delivery and make a fair profit. Conversely for courier, as they have a fixed minimum price (normally up to 5kg and for a medium sized box), we can fit in more packaging and focus on the product being well packed, rather than making sure its small and lightweight.

*We do not take any pictures or videos of posting of parcel, if you do not trust us, either go for courier (they will call you even if you write your own address wrongly), buy in shop or do not buy.

We Do NOT Recommend Singpost normal unless you:

  1. Have very little money and saving $1-3 counts (*our listed prices are already the one of the lowest if not the lowest in Singapore)
  2. Seldom at home to receive the item (*you could always courier to your workplace)
  3. Are heavily invested in Singpost stocks so you want to give them as much business as possible

Some of our experience as a seller with Singpost:

  • Item took 35 days to deliver. The buyer went twice to Singpost office to find out about the parcel, which the counter staff could not say, but it was delivered around a month plus from the date of postage.
  • Water bottle has been scratched in transit
  • Item did not fit in mailbox but postman did not leave slip
  • Item lost (less than 1% incidence we have confirmed experience)
  • Outer box damaged in transit

Do note the following may NOT ship via Singpost Ordinary Mail (as per their policy):

  1. Food Items
  2. Liquid and Chemical Items
  3. Flamable Items
  4. Bulky Items (generally if it cannot fit in your letterbox, it cant be send by Singpost)
  5. Fragile Items

Lastly, what should you do if you do not get your parcel after 5 working days:

You will get an automated email stating your order has been shipped and that is normally within an hour of it being posted. So you can start the 5 working days to delivery from the following working day.

Your best point of contact is your the counter staff at the post office that serves your house, as if the parcel is not further back in the delivery supply chain, it is most likely to be there. If they do not know where it is, our next advise is to wait for a month to pass and then go down to make a report for lost mail if you do not get it by then.

Also you can directly contact Singpost to find out more about this service, so that you make a fully informed decision. You can talk to their counter staff, call them or go for a web chat on their website.

When you go with Singpost Ordinary Mail, you are taking the risks as stated above. If you are not prepared to take those risks, DO NOT CHOOSE Singpost Ordinary Mail.

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