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Meanwhile at the Outdoor Shop

Coghlan's Utility Cord is fungus resistant

Coghlan's fungus Rope Utility cord

Some ropes or cords in the market offers a feature we know as rot or mildew resistant, and generally we do know that plastic ropes do not decay or decompose over a short period of time, unlike cotton or any natural type fiber rope. However, we do not really get to see what happens to them over time and if these claims are real. Recently I had the chance to see a Coghlan's Utility Cord (5mm I think) that I had sold around 2 years before. The cord had been used to secure a gazebo to some bricks to prevent it...

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Paracord Shoelaces

So today I had a customer who was interested in getting paracord for a specific purpose, to make a pair of shoe laces for his boots. So he started by asking how much cord he would need, size and how to finish it off. So for any adult pair of shoes, boots or low-cut type shoes, I would recommend 550 paracord. The thickness is similar to most shoe laces, so it will give the best look out of your shoes. 275 paracord would look like children shoe laces. For length, a single shoelace seldom goes over 1.5m, even if you...

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Beginner Setup for Kelong Fishing

Fishing Johor Kelong line setup

Today I had a beginner couple couple looking for a setup for fishing at a kelong, I did not ask which one specifically, but they did mention in Johor, so it could be one of a few they have there. So as normal, I asked them questions to try and find out what is most suitable for them including (if you are thinking of buying a setup, you would need to be able to answer these questions): Fishing Style (bottom fishing, jigging, luring) Fishing Location (eg. pond, boat, shore, jetty, kelong, reservoir, etc) Fish Target (by species, weight, aggression, size)...

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Outdoor Cooking Fuel available in Indonesia

Alcohol fuel gas Indonesia outdoor cooking stove

Today I had an English gentleman walk into my shop. He was really a gentleman, polite and well-mannered. So he was a collector of sorts for camping equipment. He was always looking at new products in a wide range of categories including outdoor cooking, apparel,  fire lighting, etc. So he was previously based in Singapore and now in Indonesia. Gas canisters with the Lindal valve is not available in Indonesia,  but those steamboat kind are, so he was happy to buy the adapter for his Primus stove, which had a pipe, so I guess it is the Primus Spider. Previously...

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Meanwhile @ the camping/fishing shop

camping equipment fishing singapore

Hi, I have decided to create this blog to share conversations and interactions with my real life customers who walk into my shop, located at Golden Mile Food centre, 505 Beach Road, #02-206, #02-207 & #02-212. These would be my shops from 1st Sep 2016. A quick intro about myself, I am Varun, owner, I like to think of it as the shop you can get the best prices for both camping range and fishing range of products. Nalno is based in Singapore. has been around as an online shop since 2010 and as a retail shop since...

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