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Victorinox CyberTool 34 - Outdoor Equipment


Victorinox CyberTool 34


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The Victorinox CyberTool 34Â offers a wide range of tools that anyone who works with computers will find useful. With loads of bits to open bolts and screws to pliers and wire strippers, this tool is great for anyone who is great at fixing computers. The handle is made from acid proof plastic and it is made from stainless steel, removing rust problems forever. Despite its wide array of implements, the CyberTool will fit easily in your pocket and will go wherever you will go.


  1. Large Knife Blade
  2. Small Knife Blade
  3. Bit Wrench
  4. Bit Case
  5. 5mm Hex Socket
  6. 4mm Hex Socket
  7. #8 Torx Bit
  8. #10 Torx Bit
  9. #15 Torx Bit
  10. #2 Phillips Head
  11. 4mm Hex Bit
  12. 4mm Flat Head
  13. #0 Pozidrive Bit
  14. #1 Pozidrive Bit
  15. Ball Point Pen
  16. DIP Switch Setter (use pen)
  17. Pliers
  18. Wire Cutter
  19. Wire Crimper
  20. Scissors
  21. Can Opener
  22. Small Screwdriver 3mm
  23. Bottle Opener
  24. Large Screwdriver 6mm
  25. Wire Stripper
  26. Reamer
  27. Sewing Eye
  28. Corkscrew
  29. Hook
  30. Mini Screwdriver
  31. Straight Pin
  32. Toothpick
  33. Tweezers


  • 156 grams
  • 9.1cm length
  • Sapphire (Blue) Colour

Comes with a Key ring

Flag of Switzeland
Made in Switzerland

Price Compare: Singapore Army Market Online (HGS) selling EXACT same model for $165.90. We are 5% cheaper!

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