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Tops SOP Elite Tactical Pen


Tops SOP Elite Tactical Pen

$99.00 $119.90

The Tops SOP Elite Tactical Pen has become a practical, stylish, and functional tactical pen produced by TOPS. The Elite models are upgraded with G10 scales making them even stronger and are hand finished at theTOPS Knives Facility.

Thanks to the pressurized ink cartridges by Fisher Space Pens, they will write on almost any surface, upside-down, underwater, and in almost any climate or terrain. The pen insert will write for 3.2 kilometers before running out of ink. That is about 2 years for the average person. The design is based off of a traditional carpenters pencil, giving it an innocuous look, but it is an excellent self-defense tool if needed.

The pens come with a Kydex cap and a neck chain. They make a unique gift, and more importantly 10% of all sales proceeds go directly to "The Wounded Warrior Project.”

Overall Length 14cm
Thickness ~0.31"
Material Green and Black Jungle Pattern


 Made in USA

Price Compare: Greedy UTH runs their business from home, but wants you to pay $119.90 for the EXACT same product (different skin). Our advise is simple, be wise, not foolish!


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