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T-Reign Plier ProSheath

T-REIGN Outdoor Products

T-Reign Plier ProSheath

$78.00 $111.00

T-Reign's ProSheath Combo is comprised of 7.5"(19 cm) aluminum pliers and a sheath. Unlike other holders, T-Reign Plier ProSheath has an internal, retractable tether attached to the pliers, preventing drops or loss. The ProSheath ensures your fishing pliers are protected, secure and conveniently at your side.


- Heavy-duty, thermoformed sheath covered in 600 denier nylon with 36"(91.5 cm) Kevlar self-retracting tether reel
- Two belt attachment options: stainless steel belt clip (up to 3.8 cm belt) and two fixed loop straps (2.5" /6.4 cmwide)
- Pliers: aluminum body with replaceable tungsten carbide cutters to easily cut braided wire and mono line
- Corrosion resistant stainless steel jaws featuring split ring opener and crimps


- The aluminum body provides lightweight handling and superior corrosion resistance. Replaceable tungsten carbide cutters easily cut braided wire and mono line. Corrosion-resistant, stainless steel jaws are spring loaded, providing one-handed use for removing hooks and all your rigging needs (features split ring opener and crimps). Comfort-grip handles are slip resistant.

Crimp size:

- The small and medium circular openings are called cup to cup. The small size will fit crimps between .1mm - .5mm. The medium size will fit crimps between .5mm - 1mm.
- The other crimp type is called point to cup. This is used for round section crimp sleeves and flattens one side. It can fit 1mm - 2mm.


- The heavy-duty thermoformed sheath is covered in 600 denier nylon to withstand weather and wear and offers an internal, 36" retractable Kevlar reel. It can clip to a belt with its stainless steel clip or a belt can be threaded through two fixed-loop straps.
- The ProSheath is also available without pliers, making it the perfect holder for securing other large pliers or multi-tools.

Model Number: 0TFS-1211

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