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Norman Lures DD22 Heavy Lure

Norman Lures

Norman Lures DD22 Heavy Lure


When playing in deeper water or targeting fish hiding behind the surf drop off, there are very few lures you can rely on to bring in big fish.

Norman Lures DD22 Heavy Lure is one heck of an aggressive diver, able to operate up to 5m underwater, getting you to places you would not expect any of your other divers to work at!

The Heavy Diver (HD)has been custom weighted to provide maximum casting distance without helicopter or tumbling effect. A longer cast and greater weight allows the HD to not only reach running depth quicker, but to stay at this depth longer.



 Hard Lure Crank Bait


76 mm / 3 inches


28 grams


 3.3m - 5.2 m

Hook Size

Size 1/0 Treble Hooks x 2


Deep Diver


Very Deep Action
Other -

Model Number: HDD22

USA Flag Made in USA

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