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Knife Repair and Restoration


Knife Repair and Restoration


The Knife Repair and Restoration is a great book for those keen to fix knives that need some work. It contains black and white photos and illustrations.

Includes sections on:

  1. Safety rules
  2. Parts of a knife
  3. Types of blades
  4. Small hand tool
  5. Machinery
  6. Grinding and Buffing
  7. Assembly and Disassembly
  8. Blades and springs
  9. Pins, bolster scales and shields
  10. Lockbacks and rigid blades
  11. Handle material
  12. Heat treating
  13. Make your own knife
  14. Etching blades and more

Book Features:

Full Name Knife Repair and Restoration
Author Adrian A. Harris
Language English
Main Topic(s) How to fix Broken Knives
Book Size Small  / Medium
Pages 92
Cover Paperback
Who Should Read This Anyone interested in fixing knives
12 Number ISBN 012001045546 Quick Review: A great simple book that covers all areas you would want to know if you wanted to fix knives or even create new ones. Has plenty of pictures (although in black and white) and at its price tag, a definite buy for anyone keen in this topic.

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