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JetBoil Sumo


JetBoil Sumo


The JetBoil Sumo Group Cooking System integrates the all-weather MiniMo burner with the high capacity Sumo cup, yielding a blend of power, convenience, and efficiency for a range of backcountry chores, from snow melting to simmering.  The versatile Sumo supports a myriad of packing configurations, and is compatible with the full range of Jetboil accessories.

The cup is carbon (black) in colour and no gas included.


  1. MiniMo burner
  2. Sumo Cup


  • Weight: 450g (without fuel stabilizer or measuring cup)
  • Size: 1.8 L
  • Ignition: Piezo
  • Output: 6000  BTUs
  • Boil Time: 4 min 15 sec (1 L)
  • Fuel Type:  Butane

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