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Gerber GDC Hook Knife


Gerber GDC Hook Knife


"No one doubts keys’ usefulness--they start cars, get you in and out of places and keep your stuff, well, yours. But to really elevate their role, the Gerber Daily Carry Hook Knife adds lifesaving potential, in the form of a reliable, easy-to-access blade that’s always in arm’s reach. A True Utility Blade: The idea behind this 2-inch stainless steel hook blade is simple: create an ultra-stealthy knife that lives on a keychain and can be used to quickly cut yourself out of a piece of clothing, seatbelt or other safety strap, should you ever get stuck in a tight spot. You’ll also find lots of ways to use the knife for many of life’s little non-emergencies. At home, put it to use opening a box or an envelope. Out in the field it’s great for small tasks like cutting fishing line, trimming a tarp or opening a package of freeze-dried food. A Safe Grip: Wrap your finger around the ring, press your thumb against the thumb grip and you’ve got a solid hold that won’t budge when you put a bit of power behind a cut. When you’re done, the blade snaps back into its sturdy, safe sheath."



Strap Cutter Type Tool


Key Chain Knife

Blade Length


Blade Design


Blade Steel

Stainless Steel


Straight Edge

Blade Hardness


Blade Thickness


Total Length

0.6x6x5.5 inches

Handle Material

6061 T6 Aluminum

Handle Color

Green and Gray




Zytel Sheath

Country of Manufacture


Recommended Use

String Cutting Tasks

Other Features

- Aluminium handle with thumb grip

Model Number: 31-001695

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