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Coleman Seam Sealer - Outdoor Equipment


Coleman Seam Sealer


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The Coleman Seam Sealer is a great product to prolong the waterproof life of your tent. Apply it to seams (where 2 fabrics are stitched together) on your tent, rain jacket, tarps, backpacks or any other item you want waterproof. This seal seam has a water based formula that dries fast and clear.


  • Has sponge top
  • Water proof sewn seams on synthetic fabrics and breathable laminates
  • Fast drying, Long lasting, water based formula
  • Dries to a clear flexable Non-gloss finish
  • Ideal for tents,packs,rain wear, garments tarps and more
  • Size: 60ml Bottle

Item Number: 2000016520

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