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Abu Garcia Auto Inflate Life Vest

Abu Garcia

Abu Garcia Auto Inflate Life Vest


Marine and water safety is paramount for any boatman, angler or anyone doing any work that may find themselves overboard. The Abu Garcia Automatic Inflatable Life Vest is a great way to be safe while doing the sea activities you like.

The life vest is simple to use, simply put the straps through your arms and you have a very small profile vest that hinders you very little from moving around comfortably. The small profile also keeps you cooler, a great advantage on a hot day.

Should you accidentally fall into the water, the life vest will automatically inflate thanks to the CO2 canister. Should you need to inflate it some more, just blow in manually.

The CO2 canister and inflation component are made in Japan, so assurance that it will work when required is there and the vest comes in a nice size plastic bag with mesh to keep the life vest quick and dry when not in use.

The lifevest is black in colour with grey piping and the Abu Garcia Logo on one side and the word ambassadeur on the left side.

Model: TK-2000 / 1135190

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