Many people are beginning to become concerned in the increasing natural disasters, global conflict, and political unrest, and the smart ones want to do something about it. Unfortunately, increased awareness has caused an information overload. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information available.

Basic Survival helps readers dig out from the avalanche of preparedness information. It dispels myths, introduces concepts and teaches the basics of how to prepare for a disaster.

The author, David Nash, has spent more than 10 years in government emergency management as a planner, a first responder and an emergency operations center manager.

Book Features:

Full Name Basic Survival - A Beginner's Guide
Author David Nash
Language English
Main Topic(s) Prepping
Book Size Medium Large
Pages 138
Cover Hard Cover
Who Should Read This Anyone keen in prepping
13 Number ISBN 9781510724679 Quick Review: This book is unique in that it deals with alot of issues peppers may face, from coming up with a plan, to dealing with other preppers and your own family that is unprepared. A definate read for anyone seriously considering prepping.

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