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Paracord Shoelaces

So today I had a customer who was interested in getting paracord for a specific purpose, to make a pair of shoe laces for his boots.

So he started by asking how much cord he would need, size and how to finish it off. So for any adult pair of shoes, boots or low-cut type shoes, I would recommend 550 paracord. The thickness is similar to most shoe laces, so it will give the best look out of your shoes. 275 paracord would look like children shoe laces.

For length, a single shoelace seldom goes over 1.5m, even if you wanted to lace combat boots, you should not need more than 2m each. So if all you want to do is to lace your shoes, get a 10 meter (30 foot) hank.

After picking your favorite colour, the next step is to cut the cord. The best way would be to measure your existing shoe laces and follow the length. If you like it to be longer or shorter, now is your chance to adjust it accordingly.

So just cut it. The last part will be to seal the ends. There are 3 ways you could do so including:


  1. Simply burn the end so it melts and seals itself
  2. If you want a "tapered" effect, what you need to do is to keep around 2cm extra on each end. Then you cut away the shell. You can do so carefully with a pair of scissors or a sharp knife. Its like stripping a wire. With the internal 7 strands, fold it back and use a paper clip to help leave it in position. Use a gentle flame (candle or lighter far enough so it melts slowly) to fuse the end and then after remove the clip and fuse the rest of the exposted paracord.
  3. Use Shrink Tips, which is a dedicated shoelace end maker, so your shoe lace looks like it came from the factory. At nalno we sell this at $5.50 a pack of 10 (price correct as of Aug 2016), and you can get 4 pieces for $3. So same as ending the paracord, just put it in position, and heat it with a lighter or matches for it to melt and fuse onto the paracord.




And thats it, you have cool and super strong paracord shoe laces.

*Sometimes paracord has a slippery texture making it difficult to tie, if you find it coming undone too frequently, simply tuck in the ribbon part under itself

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