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Blue Desert SmarTube - Outdoor Equipment

Blue Desert

Blue Desert SmarTube


Blue Desert SmarTube converts your everyday bottle (Coke, mineral bottle, Nalgene bottle) into a unique hydration system that makes your life easier. You can now put your water bottle right in the middle of your backpack and drink from it using the 1m long drinking stray that comes with this system. This also works great for those on bicycle or even motor cycle riding, where you need water hands free.

This drinking system includes:

  1. 1 meter plastic drinking tube
  2. 30mm Cap Adapter (for standard 30mm water bottles (PET))
  3. 28mm Cap Adapter (for standard 28mm water bottle (PET))
  4. 63mm Cap Adapter (for Nalgene, Camelbak, bike bottles and other wide-mouth bottles)

This product is simple to setup, easy to use and can be washed so as to be hygienic.

Model Number: 0936

Made in Israel

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