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Campfire Package - Outdoor Equipment

Campfire Package

$350.00 is proud to present our unique service in Singapore of managing a campfire for your event. We have done fires at many events, including celebratory dinners, private parties and we have even been engaged to do a fire declared open / lighted up by top political leaders.

The basic campfire package service includes:

  • Setting up of fire pit
  • Firewood (for a medium sized fire for one and a half hours or 3 sacks (60kg))
  • Torch to light fire
  • Stand-by equipment to put out fire
  • Fire Maintenance for the event (adding wood, etc)
  • Clearing of fire and ashes after end of campfire

*You will need to email to check for availability for your dates
*This campfire package is designed for around 75 - 150 persons for around 1 and a half hours.

If you have an event on a different scale, do let us know and we will work to meet you needs.

If you have special and unique needs for your event, feel free to contact us and we will see how we can accommodate your requests. Your imagination is the limit with our service as we are able to do unique decorations, burning letters and custom designed wood pile setups. We are the expects at organising campfires in Singapore, so feel free to ask us anything.

Pictures at some of our events:

Click here to view a clip on our campfires...


A bonfire is a great way to start an event

Fire Being lit by 15 participants

Participants lighting the bonfire together

Fire @ event

A fire makes a wonderful center piece to any staged event

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